Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Wreath

Ah, Fall. My favorite time of the year. Time to break out my cardigans (my favorite article of clothing if you care to know that fun fact) and scarves. And the peaches....oh, the peaches. Peach cobbler, peaches on my cereal, peaches and ice cream, peaches and whipped cream, peaches and just plain cream. You name it, it's good with a peach.
Fall also means inspiration. It's my favorite season to decorate the house. After my Shabby Door makeover I decided that I needed a pretty fall wreath to grace the wonderfully distressed mustard paint. So this lovely wreath is the product of my motivation:

Ok, so this is SO easy. You serious DIYer's can just look at this and know what I did, but I will explain for those of us a little more challenged ;)

First :: Get your supplies
                 :: Wreath form (Hobby Lobby $2)
                 :: Burlap cut into 3" strips
                 :: Eyelet / lace fabric
                 :: Florals and/or dried wheat etc.
                 :: Hot glue gun
                 :: Wire (for hanging)

::  Wrap Burlap around wreath form hot gluing every couple times around until form is covered
::  Wrap Lace around the form and tie a nice perdy bow
::  Hot glue the loops of the bow to the form so they stay looking nice
::  Make a nice arrangement of your flowers and hot glue them under the lace bow
::  Make a loop with your wire and hot glue it to the backside on the top, covering the glue with another scrap piece of burlap to stabilize it. This loop is great for hanging if you have a nail already in your door.

And you're done!! I think this took me a total of 20 minutes!

Looking at this just makes me want to drink a mug of cider and curl up under a blanket. And don't forget the peaches :)

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