Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Centerpiece

I have never had a dining room table to decorate before.  I have never had a dining room table to eat at before. I have never had a dining room before. Before our house remodel that is.

So you can imagine my excitement at the thought of having a place to put a centerpiece! I realize this is sad. Don't judge me.


This is my pretty fall centerpiece.

I had all of this in my house (with the exception of the cute fruit basket--Alco $3, 50% off-- aka dirt cheap. Like me.) 
The little kerr canning jar was from a dear friend's wedding. She used them to hold cookies as favors for the guests. I will proudly ashamedly admit that I hoarded them.  Yes. I went around to all the tables when the reception was over and collected the ones that people left sad and neglected. (do they not realize the decorative value of such an object?)

The runner is just a couple of napkins with some fabric on top. I didn't want to sew it so that I could use the material for something else later:) Also, I tend to take the easy way out.

The wheat was leftover from a flower arrangement I did.

The fruit basket looked like this when I bought it:

Sweet, I know. (ew)

And became this with a little fabric:

Side note: Are peaches not the best thing about fall? I think so.

My favorite part of the centerpiece is the sweet candleholder. I found it at the Habitat Restore for $4. It was originally an old light fixture ;) I love it when something repurposes so easily. You should see the wiring on this baby. Talk about vintage.

This makes me smile. 

And there you have it. Sweet festivity.

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