Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pickin' Wildflowers

There's a sweet little farm here in Buena Vista called Weathervane that grows absolutely beautiful wildflowers. They allow pickers to come reap the benefits of their hard work at $5 for 25 stems. At that price, who could beat the untamed beauty of a wildflower bouquet?

I grabbed a friend of mine this week and we picked up a pair of shears and cut away. Here are the fantastic results of a well spent afternoon.

My dear friend Lacy choosing a lovely bloom

This is a good example of why you should always snap multiples of people. Silly Lacy blinked. She claims my skirt was tickling her leg;) But isn't the farm a floral wonderland?? swoon...

Ugh...drool. Is that turquoise ball jar not delicious?

That big purple one is my fave.

Bella thought they smelled lovely

I think this one's a framer...

I really love this one too...she's so perdy.

Now you can see what I've been doing with all of my time (not crafting:\) Oh, but what sweet memories!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Night Out

Oh what a night! Some of our friends decided to take a trip to Silverthorn on Monday to eat sushi. While we have a great sushi restaurant here in town (I know some of you are holding back gasps of surprise...yes there is a sushi place in teensy mountain town, CO.) rumor had it that this particular chopstick wielding joint was running some irresistible off season specials (50% off a good portion of their menu).  I actually got a sushi roll for $4 people!! Now that's a deal. And it was good to boot.

Here are a couple photos of the evening...

That's right. Be jealous.

Excuse the blur. This was such a fun group!

Mmm, mmm, good. The Tempura (fried) ones in the front were my fave. I think it was called "The Shredder". Give it a try when you go. You won't be sad.

Isn't this appletini cute? That's our chef in the background. He rolled an egg around on the grill and called it a Japanese Eggroll:) 

Oh the wonder.

Moral of the story is, give Nozawa sushi a try. I even got Robin (the king of simple, boring food) to try a tempura asparagus roll with a good result. (the man had never tried sushi, but he loved it!)

What a fun night out.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Latte Art

This is a subject that amazes me. I was a barista for 5ish years and I never learned how to do's a complete shame because I think I could be good. Just look how fantastically delightful this latte is.

It's so beautiful.  I actually think it's kind of a mind trick. If it's pretty it tastes think I'm crazy, but I'm completely serious.  You totally want to get a latte now dontcha, dontcha? (I'm secretly a spokesperson promoting consumption of espresso beverages;) 

anyway, I had the pleasure of sitting in the BV Roastery yesterday with a wonderful book and this yummy latte.  Talk about a pleasant morning. 

Now go support your neighborhood barista.