Saturday, July 23, 2011

Painted End Table

My little sister was saying the other day that she really needed another end table for beside her bed. So, me being me, I said I had one that I could paint for her. Yes people, I do this to MYSELF. Her bedroom is is Yellow & Gray, so I decided to paint it to match.

Here is the BEFORE:

Not anything fancy...Robin's mom just gave it to me:) It's unfinished wood. Bella likes to pose in my pictures...

And here's the AFTER:

So pretty, right? So here's how I did it:

1. WIPE it down! Really well. If you miss some dirt, the spray paint will not dry well and it will look speckle-y. 

2. Use a spray primer. I used Rust-O-Lium, but I actually prefer KILZ. If you want to be super lazy, Krylon makes a "No-Prime" spray paint, but I think it's still safer to use a primer.

3. Krylon white spray paint! I love it! It gives GREAT coverage. Make sure to do THIN coats. It's better to have to do more coats than have drips.

4. I taped off some random lines on the top and alternated painting them black and gray.

Like so.

5. Painted the front section yellow.

6. Added yellow dots to the far right gray section.
7. Polyurethane. Because I used acrylic paint (it was what I had), I decided it needed a topcoat. This will prevent chipping, scratching, etc. They make spray versions of it, but I had a quart of brush-on so that's what I used.  
TA-DA! Done. It only took about 2 hours, but that's only due to spray paint drying time.

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