Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Many Planking Attempts of Jerianna Lynne Pikul

This is my sweet little sister Jerianna Lynne (Jeri for short) Pikul. Yes, in case this is new information, my maiden name is Pikul (pronounced pickle). Let's just say I wasn't too disappointed about the name change. Anywho, this is Jeri:

I love hanging out with the girl. She is stinkin hilarious. She and her friends (shout out to Meredith Wink) are some of the funniest people that I have ever had the pleasure of being around. I know, Jeri, that you now have the warm-fuzzies:) Her 20th birthday is actually in a couple days, so I just would like her to know that she's special to me. 

So you're probably wondering about the title of my post. Have you heard of planking? Apparently it is the new thing to do. I think, as Jeri described it to me, the object is to "lay down on something and get really stiff". Um, can you say lol? 

I think some people were just extremely bored one day and one friend said to the other, "Whadoya wanna do today Bob?", "Uh, I don't know Larry...why don't I just lay face down in the dirt and you can take a picture? It'll be great!". Seriously. Google planking. You'll see. (ps. the usage of the names of VeggieTales characters was completely coincidental.)

So after hearing her describe this to me, I decided we needed to try it. Here are a couple of her best:

This is Jeri trying to figure out how to get up on the didn't happen.

And for the finale:

Yes. That is my sister PLANKING my fence! I don't care you ya are...that's pretty amazing. She's a well-oiled machine. I guess it helps that she plays college basketball.

It did take her a few tries...

And I think she may have bruises in a few undesirable places...
I strongly suggest trying this if you'd like a few laughs. Love ya Jer!!

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