Saturday, July 23, 2011

DIY Credenza

This is Jane. See her in all of her majestic beauty. And this is after I had already removed her gi-normo handles which were her crowning glory. (Yes, gi-normo is a word. It's my word) I know you want this hunk of wood. No? Well you will when you see what I've done with her.

Jane. I feel like this is a before shot for "The Swan" or something.

Now I'm feeling sort of sad because I didn't take any pictures whilst (?) I was doing this project, so you don't have anything to go by. But it was pretty easy.  I got the idea from Vintage Revivals, my most fave blog ever. Check it out if you want to be inspired out the whazoo. 

1. I wiped it down with a damp cloth. If you find a piece of furniture that was born in the 70's, chances are it has a few cobwebs.

2. I filled the holes that i didn't want to use for handles with some spackle. While I am not sure if this is correct, it worked for me.

3. Spray Primer. I used Krylon no prime spray paint in white. Then I used Krylon Spray Paint in Ivory all over the dang thing. 

4.  Ralph Lauren Faux Glaze in Black Silk.  SUPER EASY.  Just brush on in small sections and wipe off to your liking. I had to order this from a specialty paint store because Home Depot has ceased to carry it.

5. Put on knobs from my favorite store in the whole wide world, Hobby Lobby.

TA-DA! A super fantastic piece of furniture that all your friends will drool over!

Total cost--- $10 for Jane (I found her at a consignment shop), $9 for spray paint, $9 for knobs, & the initial investment of the glaze which I barely used any of. ($15/quart)



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