Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy-mad black friday

First I'll tell you about our wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, and then I'll recap the crazy.

Most of my good friends aren't from good ol' BV, so they typically go out of town for Thanksgiving, but not so this year! All of us were home and so, wonder of all wonders, we decided to do a potluck style dinner.

This was our cute little table. It was so fun to have everyone sit together!
We did this in our church's basement, so photo quality is not the best, sorry:/

Look at that beautiful setting! It was so fun to have fine china to eat from (Thanks Jami!)

Some of the cute faces that attended. CJ and William Wild.

Georgia Grace. Oh goodness her eyelashes are gorgeous!

Husband. The back a yo' head is ri-dic-uh-lous. He had just gotten off work;)

Cynthia and Andee. Obviously I had a hard time focusing my camera...(that's why I left it small;)

Lisa and Campbell Jane

And all the Ladies!

This is a good picture to end with because at this point was when we started to dream up our Black Friday adventure. We decided it would be a fine idea to leave for Denver (a 2 hour drive) at 7:30 pm on Thanksgiving. We did not return until the following evening at 7:30. No, we did not sleep. We ran on pure adrenaline. Oh, and Starbucks...can't forget the Starbucks. Total time awake: 40 hours. Um, I think that was the most tired I have ever been in my whole life. I actually fell asleep IN THE MIDDLE of a conversation. 

But oh, sweet victory! Christmas shopping was conquered (plus a few personal transactions. Who can resist a $3 skirt from Gap or a $12 J Crew necklace...not this girl). 

I believe we decided to make this an annual tradition. Are we crazy? Deliciously so.

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