Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh happy day (of birth)

Or rather week, that is! Yes, today is my birthday and what a wonderful one it was!

My mom called to sing me a happy birthday this morning and tell me that I had a birthday *pumpkin cranberry walnut* muffin awaiting me (she is a baker at a local coffee shop). So that was good thing #1. I mean reallllllly good. Lick your lips and ask for another good.

Then my sweet husband got home from work at 10:00 this morning (ugh!) bearing gifts! Gorgeous flowers and a HUGE box. I was giddy with excitement as I tore into it. What was it you ask? A sewing machine case. That's right. JUST a case. I looked up from the package with what I can only imagine as a look of bewilderment. "Is that it?" (thankful I know) "Ya," he replied, "I couldn't afford the actual machine."

People. He got me a machine. Not just a machine. The machine.

Yes. I'm spoiled.

I proceeded to spend the next 2 hours reading the manual and playing with it. This thing does EVERYTHING. I mean, it could probably cook you dinner if you asked it nicely. It is totally computerized (I wasn't too keen on this at first...I'm old fashioned), it has an LED display, 100 stitch options, and, get this, an automatic needle threader. Not sure if I'll use that one or not. Isn't there a line between convenience and laziness people?

 It. is. AWESOME. Especially compared to my old one. 

Anywho. On with the terrificness.

Then our dear friends, Steve and Leslie, took us out for lunch. Mmm.

Then I got to go shop around downtown Salida (Who doesn't love to shop?!)

Then some other great friends, the Saewerts, brought me roses and cheesecake.

Then I went out to my parents house (sadly Robin had to work) for pot roast (my absolute fave) and cheesecake! Oh, and don't forget the presents:)

And throughout this whole gem of a day, all of my friends and family called. I LOVE this day. 

OH! I forgot to tell you the best part! This came in the mail today:

I won it. That's right. F-R-E-E. I entered the giveaway at Playful Decor! Nan was giving one away and I won. I never win anything. And it's my birthday! And I just got a new sewing machine! And there's a hole in my couch cushion (from Bella's not so sweet puppy days)!

It's Fate.

Leslie told me that if she came over and my dog was slipcovered, there would be an intervention. Watch out Bella. My new machine is unstoppable.

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