Thursday, August 4, 2011

Latte Art

This is a subject that amazes me. I was a barista for 5ish years and I never learned how to do's a complete shame because I think I could be good. Just look how fantastically delightful this latte is.

It's so beautiful.  I actually think it's kind of a mind trick. If it's pretty it tastes think I'm crazy, but I'm completely serious.  You totally want to get a latte now dontcha, dontcha? (I'm secretly a spokesperson promoting consumption of espresso beverages;) 

anyway, I had the pleasure of sitting in the BV Roastery yesterday with a wonderful book and this yummy latte.  Talk about a pleasant morning. 

Now go support your neighborhood barista.

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  1. problem is, if it's pretty I also don't want to dirnk it. I hate ruining the pretty little thing! Kinda jealous that you got to sit and read with a latte!


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